About the team


Hello welcome to the Rusty Nail Robotics. Here we will tell you about ourselves and what we do!

When Rusty Nail Robotics, formally known as Tippmann robotics, was first formed it was just Cale and Orrin. We struggled through the 2020-2021 and got the rookie award. From that humble start we have become a strong team that explores everything we can use to create a competitive robot. 


We work in our coaches shop where we have access to advanced machining equipment and supervision to help us learn and be safe.


In the shop we have:

-5 3D printers

-Manual Mill and Lathe

-CNC Lathe

-Large CNC Mill

-Mini CNC Mill

-CO2 Laser Cutter

-Fiber Laser

-Sheet Metal Equipment

-Many Computers for CAD and Programming

-Skee-Ball (The Favorite Thing)


Team Member

Cale is 16 and is in 10th grade. She goes to New Underwood School. This is Cale’s third year on Rusty Nail Robotics. She is our main Public Relations person and Team Manager. Her favorite part is machining parts with her dad and mentor (Mr. Tippmann).

“you ok over there”


Team member

Orrin is 16 and in 10th grade. He goes to New Underwood School. This is Orrin’s third year on Rusty Nail Robotics. He is our main programmer and main driver. His favorite part of robotics is driving the robot.


Carson V.

Team member

Carson is 14 and in the 8th grade at New Underwood school.  Carson joined the team in 2022.  He is one of our builders.



Team member

 Jordyn is 14 and in 8th grade at New Underwood Middle School.  Jordyn joined Rusty Nail Robotics in 2023 and her favorite part is designing new parts for the 3D printer and CNC machines to manufacture.

“Favorite Saying Coming Soon”


Team member

Cody is 15 and a sophomore in New Underwood High School. It is his first year.  While he learns the ropes, he is an extra set of hands for team 18045 Rusty Nail Robotics.

“Favorite Saying Coming Soon”