Our Sponsorship Request Letter is below:


Dear Potential Sponsor. 


We are a group of students from New Underwood School.  We are a First Tech Challenge Robotics team.  First Tech Challenge is a STEM robotics competition in which teams Design, Build, and Program a robot to accomplish both autonomous and remote control tasks on a 12’x12′ competition field.  In the 2021/2022 season we did well enough to move from the qualifier in Fargo, ND to the Regional Championship in Bismarck, ND.  


Competition tasks from the 2021/2022 season included:

-Picking up field components and placing them on a three tier tower.

-Autonomously recognizing the location of rubber ducks and placing blocks on the correct tier.

-Spinning ducks off a turntable both autonomously and with remote control.

-Placing a team scoring element on the top of the three tier.

-Setting field components on a shared shipping hub centered between field sides.


The 2021/2022 season was our second season and we learned more of what we need to be successful going forward.

The things we learned included:

  • -We need to include more custom made components that we design and manufacture.
  • Having an official 12’x12′ Game Field that we can practice on to have precise calibration before competition. (Thank You to Manufacturing Solutions for sponsoring the purchase of this kit) 
  • Having the Full Game Element set that changes each year to have a properly calibrated robot.  This can be purchased as a full set ($450).  The full set will allow us to demonstrate to new local teams and possibly scrimmage with them.
  • -Doing more outreach such as going to local events and showing our robot to the public.


The purpose of this letter is to request support for our team’s design.  We are looking for sponsorship funds to offset the cost of part or all of our team’s necessary expenditures, and any donation amount would be greatly appreciated.  Would there be a way for your company to help sponsor us with a monetary donation? As students we are unable to provide the funding for everything we need to be as successful as possible.  We have attached a list of the major items we need to purchase to make us a competitive team.  


We are looking for sponsorships to offset the cost of these expenses:

2022-2023 Team Registration Fee: $275 

2022-2023 Competition Registrations: $100

Robot Materials: $600

Official Play Field Kit: $800

2022-2023 Game Element Kit: $450

Outreach Materials: $300

Team Attire: $150 

If you are able to help with our project or have questions about the FTC program, we can be reached at Team@FTC18045.COM . Our instructor Casey Tippmann can be reached at Casey@FTC18045.COM .



Cale Tippmann

Orrin Volmer

James Culver


First Tech Challenge Team # 18045